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The good, the bad and the ugly. You'll find them all here. Each week you'll get my take on the intriguing, and sometimes peculiar, titles to recently hit the newsstand.

Cover Price: $14.99

This title shows the publishing world why magazines are and will continue to be the reader's best friend. With more content and a lower cover price than your average book, AnOtherMan is well-worth the $14.99 cover price. Even if that seems pricey, the content leaves the reader soon forgetting what they paid. AnOtherMan is full of striking photography and text that tells as much as the body text itself. The artisticly-driven layout and design are refreshing but can make it difficult for the reader to read. At times the content itself can do the same. This isn't a magazine for a passive audience. AnOtherMan is for the involved man who cares about how he looks and how he thinks.

GQ Style

A newcomer to the British GQ family, GQ Style is a new men's fashion magazine that touts itself as the "definitive guide to men's fashion." This doesn't seem arrogant or far-fetched considering GQ Style retains top notch fashion ad clients such as Ralph Lauren, DKNY and Prada. But GQ Style also retains the wonderful photography, striking models and superb layout of its big brother. But this biannual title charts its own course with content entirely related to fashion for the modern male. Its aim is to present "fashion in a new, unashamedly masculine context." Strong content is pumped up by stunning, full-page photography and artistic yet masculine layout. The name is proper: even the magazine itself exudes style like no other.


If you like how their Opera House in Sydney looks, you'll love Notebook. This Aussie publication has a design that is eye catching to say the least. As its name suggests, Notebook is designed to look and feel just like the folders you used all throughout your school days. From fold out tabbed dividers to pockets in the back to hold notes and recipes, Notebook's design always harkens the reader back to the name and concept of the magazine. According to the tag line, Notebook is full of ideas for living. It's copy covers everything from food to entertainment to home decoration. But don't think this is simply another home magazine telling you how to bake a good pot roast. The layout of Notebook is immaculate to say the least. Even if you're not interested in the content of this title it would be well worth your money to pick up a copy just to flip through and admire.

S Darkroom Art
Cover Price: $19.95

It's full of photography. It looks like it should be delivered in a discreet brown wrapper. It's S Darkroom Art. This new Brit launch is devoted to art photography. With less than five pages of copy in the whole issue, S Darkroom Art is packed with full-page, full-color photos that exhibit the human body in ways that many have (hopefully) never seen before. From tasteful semi-nude photography to a photomontage from behind the scenes at a porn shoot, S Darkroom Art shows just how versatile the combination of body and camera can truly be. The photography is wonderful with beautiful printed shots with good color and quality. However, the high-caliber, quality photography is often times trumped by the half nude women in children's Halloween masks or the midgets in full-body bondage leather. For the serious art photography fan this title may be just up your alley, but don't look for this on the Jones' coffee table any time soon.

Cover Price: $8.95

What would happen if Elle and Esquire had a child? Probably something like Wonderland. This new British fashion title is not a magazine for him, not a magazine for her, but a magazine for both. Wonderland shows that fashion, art and life are inextricably intertwined. The photography and design are done so well that often it is hard to realize where the Gucci ad ends and the editorial content begins. Wonderland's pages are graced with dazzling models dressed in the latest fashions. This title is not for everyone. The fashion explored in Wonderland is cutting edge and may be too intense for some. But that's where Wonderland did a great job at finding their niche.


Oct. 24, 2005


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