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The good, the bad and the ugly. You'll find them all here. Each week you'll get my take on the intriguing, and sometimes peculiar, titles to recently hit the newsstand.

Baby Décor
Cover Price: $9.95

They can't walk or talk but at least they can be color coordinated. Baby DÈcor is a Meredith special edition that offers parents tips on how to better decorate a nursery for their infant or toddler. All 148 pages are filled with examples of beautifully decorated rooms. From the paint palettes to the accessories for your son or daughter's crib, Baby DÈcor covers what needs to be in his or her room as well as how it should look. Full-color and often times full-page pictures make this special edition a treat. However, the nice layout and design don't answer the question: why?

Cover Price: $5.99

Whether it was a simple game of checkers or an all-night Monopoly romp, at one point or another everyone has played a board game. ÝFor some of us they're a good way to relax with friends, help pass a rainy Saturday afternoon or bond with family members. But for others, it's much more than simple entertainment. Knucklebones was created for this group. This magazine offers unique content that doesn't lack in detail. From the development of board games to the complete history of Monopoly, Knucklebones provides content that only the most extreme board gamer can appreciate. A decent layout keeps the pages turning, but for most of us the content may be a sleeper.


Oct. 17, 2005


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