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Turkey, stuffing and Samir, Aahhhh, could there be a more perfect combination for the holiday season? In a word, no, so since you are taking time off from work to gorge yourselves on food, I thought it only fitting that I provide you with a new What’s Hot, What’s Not to make your holiday even more memorable. This week’s magazines are The Kean Review and Canteen, both interactive, literary magazines, while Terrace features articles on trans-cultural experiences. So, without further delay I present to you: The Kean Review.

The Kean Review
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The Kean Review is a bi-annual magazine published by Kean University. The Kean Review has the feel of a book instead of a magazine and boasts a hefty price tag to match. The Kean Review is international in scope but each issue features articles that are regional in focus (New York, New Jersey area). This publication is also interactive, seeking literary submissions from its readers. That helps give this publication its niche of being an intellectual journal that features a variety of content. Everything from humor, poetry and personal essays are featured in this magazine and presented with a design that adds to its upscale feel and look.


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Canteen, a quarterly publication, is a literary magazine that provides insight into the artistic and writing process. Canteen doesn’t just feature artists it talks about what motivates people to be artist and make art. Canteen features the works of various artists, covering the entire creative spectrum with articles on everything from essays and poetry to paintings and photography. Canteen also takes submissions from undiscovered artist which is a part of this magazine’s niche of not only covering art but being part of the creative process. That is a daunting task and a gamble because the magazine’s future depends on whether potential consumers will pay $10.00 to read the work of undiscovered artists.

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Targeting readers of Trace magazine in their thirties and forties, Terrace is a bi-annual travel and lifestyle publication. Terrace features travel stories and experiences of today’s multi-layered, fast paced world. Terrace goes beyond selling the city or country featured it smartly sells the reader on the culture, people and experience of being in the city. The magazine has a great look and feel and is trying to capitalize on an already established fan base. Terrace has quality content but it will be interesting to see if the fans of Trace will be attracted to a more mature, upscale travel magazine. If it can some how pull that off, Terrace could be sitting pretty on today’s newsstands.


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