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Cover Price: $4.95

Ambassador magazine is a regional publication attempting to serve as a bridge between communities, races and generations in the Detroit metropolitan area. While it is debatable whether it achieves that goal, it does a good job of establishing its niche as a regional magazine. This is a beautifully done publication that provides the eye candy of an entertainment magazine with informative content. Regional publications are quite popular these days but few feature the local flavor of the area they claim to represent like Ambassador. With articles on race relations, architecture and local fashion trends, this magazine does a good job highlighting Detroit's unique qualities. The city of Detroit has struggled with a negative image, but this publication goes a long way in showing the type of upscale lifestyle the city has to offer.

Gladiator Magazine
Cover Price: $5.95

The sport of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) is growing in popularity. Gladiator Magazine is trying to capitalize on this trend. This publication provides plenty of content on the fight culture that is exploding around the world and it does a good job of developing its niche in a category that is ever increasing. Articles on Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu techniques within MMA are informative but only to the hardcore fans of the sport. This magazine attempts to highlight the stars of the sport but fails in that attempt. Really, who outside of a few rabid fans even know what MMA stands for let alone know the fighters in the sport. Gladiator is literally banking on its future on MMA becoming bigger in the U.S., but with so many sports (football, wrestling, boxing) competing for the same consumer base (men ages 18-36) the question becomes how can Gladiator gain the attention needed to be successful in the long-run? The editors at Gladiator will need to come up with the answer to that question or else they could find themselves getting choked out at the newsstands.

Kitu Kizuri

The magazine industry is becoming more and more specialized everyday. Case in point, Kitu Kizuri is a magazine representing women from the continent of Africa living in the United States. Kitu Kizuri explores issues affecting African women in all areas of her life. Articles on finding your African soul mate, raising African children and women's fashion provide quality content. The problem with magazines like this one is whether they can survive the initial financial hardships that all new magazines face trying to attract potential consumers. The editor's of Kitu Kizuri's are hoping that African women will use their publication to reconnect with their culture, it remains to be seen if that is a wise decision.      


May 11, 2007


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