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The good, the bad and the ugly. You'll find them all here. Each week you'll get my take on the intriguing, and sometimes peculiar, titles to recently hit the newsstand.

Ultimate Home Design
Cover Price: $5.99

This new launch feels and reads like a Ph.D. dissertation more than an optimal design publication. Their mission is " to serve as a catalyst for homeowners to create demand for architects, designers, and builders to adopt the concepts and building practices that define human-centered, optimum-performance home design." Although their mission is great, I wish they applied some of their talent to disperse this information in a more environmentally friendly design so people who really want to enjoy Ultimate Home Design will not have to work as hard to get and gather that information. An A+ for intentions, but a C- for delivery.

Traveling Angler
Cover Price: $5.99

A very handy annual publication with a lot of potential to become a quarterly or bi-monthly, Traveling Angler really provides its audience with an ultimate travel guide, leaving no stone unturned and no stream unnoticed. Using language that most anglers will appreciate and photography that is worth 1000 words, this magazine really provides information on a multitude of "kick ass fishing trips." So what are you still doing reading this website? Pick up a copy today, place the gone fishin' sign on the door and enjoy.

Baseball The Magazine
Cover Price: $4.95

With a massive amount of copy, Baseball The Magazine seems more like a chore and less like the nation's pastime. The amount of text on each page is overwhelming and keeps this title from feeling like a sports magazine at all. The huge amount of text is coupled with poor design that gives the overall feel of a hurriedly produced product. The content attempts to cover such a large target group that the magazine itself has the feel of not being targeted to anyone specifically. From College World Series coverage to little league baseball, Baseball The Magazine does not show a clearly defined niche. As the song goes, "One, Two, Three Strikes; You're Out."


Mar. 31, 2006


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