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Grey's Anatomy
Cover Price: $6.99

What happens when you have a successful television show? You make a magazine about the show, of course. Grey's Anatomy magazine is a bi-monthly publication featuring profiles of the stars of the popular show as well as Plot lines and show history. To say that this magazine has a niche would be an under statement, it is for fans of the show. And that is where publications like this differ from other entertainment magazines because as the show goes, so does the magazine. Obviously this magazine is not meant for the long haul as most television shows, even the good ones, only last five to six years at best. Grey's Anatomy magazine is the latest in a growing trend of television show magazines that offers fans exclusive content not available anywhere else.

La Bella Bride
Cover Price: $4.95

La Bella Bride is a new wedding magazine. La Bella Bride's focus is on wedding planning and the editor's philosophy is to honor the individuality of each couple and to provide them with intelligent choices. This magazine covers everything from cakes to fashion to honeymoon destination. It provides couples looking to get married with not only choices, but also contact information. The downside of presenting information in this way is that the magazine looks and feels like one continuous ad (well, maybe this is a good thing for that audience). It is difficult to differentiate between the advertisements and some of the spreads. That being said this magazine has a niche and provides content that supports and develops its goal of becoming a consumer's one stop for everything bridal.

Salon City
Cover Price: $3.99

With a goal of capitalizing on a beauty and style obsessed culture, Salon City magazine arrives on newsstands. Salon City has been sold on newsstands in Hollywood for six years but now the editor's feel they are ready for the big time of being a nationally distributed monthly publication. While Salon City worked well in Hollywood, this magazine will find it far more difficult to translate to a broader consumer base, making that harder will be trying to establish itself in a beauty and style market that is already oversaturated. This magazine has a niche but does little to stand out from the tens more established magazines in the same market.


March 30, 2006


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