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The good, the bad and the ugly. You'll find them all here. Each week you'll get my take on the intriguing, and sometimes peculiar, titles to recently hit the newsstand.

Cover Price: $3.99

It's a tennis revolution! This magazine has a great name and great content, but is it a big smash? Only time will tell. Filled with pictures, events schedules and tennis stars, Smash feels like a community builder for all the tennis freaks out there. The best part is of course the marvelous direct mail card, which really provides you with an idea of what the publishers are aiming at. "From the loins of Tennis Magazine," Smash is aimed at USTA junior members and is more of a reflection of the lifestyles of junior tennis players than a how-to guide to enhance their game. Published four times a year, this title also hones in on the junior tennis player's education with information about the top tennis colleges in the nation and how to score a scholarship playing tennis. Overall Smash is a title filled with a lot of good intentions, but those intentions can be easily designed to be more readable.

Golf Magazine Living
Cover Price: $3.99

If Smash is aimed at the tennis freaks, Golf Magazine Living is aimed at the golf geeks. Golf Magazine Living is not your father's golf magazine. It goes beyond the game and takes aim at the lifestyle of not just the players, but the people who long to live at, be on and spend time by a golf course 24/7. For many of us this is a fantasy book. Aimed at the most affluent audience in publishing, Golf Magazine Living is for the few who live way beyond the means of you and me. This new launch from the editors of Golf Magazine is being distributed to the wealthy 350,000 subscriber subset of Time Inc.'s 30 million customers. This magazine is not for the wealthy, it is for the people the wealthy call rich.

Internet Genealogy
Cover Price: $5.95

I've always wondered when someone would create a magazine to help in the search of your genealogy and family history using the internet as your search engine. After all, we've used the internet search engines to look for everything from a postage stamp to a rare book. Now my wait is over. The publishers of Family Chronicle offer what they call "an amazing buffet prepared by the finest chefs (authors) to select from" to help you in finding where and to whom your family tree takes you. And all of that research may have just become a little easier with this new publication. One item of interest in this issue is aimed specifically at the Polish community. Internet Genealogy helps you jump on the chance to find out the ten best Polish genealogy websites today. Talk about specialization.


Mar. 24, 2006


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