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The good, the bad and the ugly. You'll find them all here. Each week you'll get my take on the intriguing, and sometimes peculiar, titles to recently hit the newsstand.

Arts & Crafts Home and the Revival
Cover Price: $5.95

Don't be misled by the mouthful name of this magazine. Patricia Poore, the editor of this new publication, in not new to this business but comes with a solid background that more than prepared her to create a beautiful and delightful homes magazine that makes you fall in love with the content as much as the products it features. Art & Crafts Home and the Revival is a very captivating publication that reflects the "arts and crafts" style and spirit. Pick up a copy today.

Cover Price: $4.95

Oh how much I miss my Mini! This magazine brings more sentimental feelings to me since I was the proud owner of a new Mini until someone drove through it while I was driving. This magazine, just as the car, gives its readers/drivers a sense of security and joy and offers the Mini generation an in-depth look at what to expect in their little vehicle. Rather technical at some stages, but still it provides information you'll be glad to say you've learned and that you will never find in the owner's manual.

Positive Thinking
Cover Price: $2.49

If "attitude is everything," then this magazine is the answer to push your attitude about kids, health, relationships and even your personal trainer in a positive direction. Aimed at people who love their lives, this handy digest provides a shot in the arm for you when you are feeling down or when you just need a quick energy boost to finish the day. To paraphrase their positive outlook "Take a chance! All of life is a chance," I say, "Give this magazine a chance."


Mar. 17, 2006


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