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ATV Illustrated: Trail and Travel Guide
Cover Price: $4.99

Trail and Travel Guide is a special publication from ATV Illustrated. This magazine covers ATV's and travel, while providing the latest news and product previews in the off-road world. This magazine has a definite niche, focusing not only on ATV's but the traveling lifestyle involved with being an ATV enthusiast. The Trail and Travel Guide works as a companion to ATV Illustrated and looks to capitalize on that magazine's success. While this publication works well as a companion, time will tell if this magazine has what it takes to make it on its own.        

Avenue Report
Cover Price: $4.99

Avenue Report is a quarterly magazine for professional African-American men. The editor's goal for this publication is to meet the overlooked needs of today's black man. That is a lofty goal, especially when you consider the flood of new magazines claiming to cater to the same audience. Avenue Report has a niche and does an adequate job of supplying content to support that niche. The problem with this magazine and others like it is that there is so much competition for a limited number of potential consumers. In order for Avenue Report to have long-term success it needs to stand out on the newsstands instead of blending in with the numerous other African-American men's lifestyle magazines.

Deuce Builder
Cover Price: $6.99

Deuce Builder is a special edition publication by American Rodder Magazine. Deuce Builder celebrates the 75 th anniversary of the '32 Ford Deuce Coup. Talk about information, this magazine has loads of informative content along with exceptional eye candy needed to gain notice at today's crowded newsstands. Deuce Builder's goal is to be the ultimate how-to guide for classic car enthusiast interested in building their own deuce roadster. This publication offers articles on rebuilding engines, exterior paint jobs and product reviews. Deuce Builder does an excellent job of establishing a niche in the crowded automotive category.


June 8, 2007


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