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Beckett Graded Card Investor and Price Guide
Cover Price: $9.99

Beckett Graded Card Investor and Price Guide is a quarterly magazine for hardcore card collectors looking to get the most out of their collections. Card collecting is not just a hobby anymore; it is big business. And if you doubt that assertion then let me inform you that a baseball card of Honus Wagner sold this spring for $2.35 million dollars. Beckett Graded Card Investor and Price Guide magazine provides detail listings of rare and common cards alike. This magazine is the definition of a niche publication and while it may draw little interest from those outside the card-collecting world, it is still very informative if only for a small segment of potential consumers.   Not that I have expected anything less from the expert folks at Beckett.   So, start digging through those boxes in the attic for your old cards, they could be worth millions.        

Cover Price: $4.99

Growing old is an inevitability of life and Eldr Magazine, a quarterly publication, is hoping to change the perception of aging by providing information on issues associated with the aging process. While most new publication gear their content towards attracting younger potential consumers, this magazine is attempting to buck that trend. Articles on preventing Osteoporosis and Alzheimer's provide content that supports its niche. And celebrity profiles on well known octogenarians like Jack Lelanne (yes he is still alive and kicking) also support the magazines niche. In most of my seminars I use a line that say "everything we invent today has a shorter lifecycle except human beings, we are living longer." Eldr if for those of us who are indeed living longer.

King of the Street
Cover Price: $4.99

If your whips are rolling on 22's and your grill is chromed out, then you might want to grab a copy of King of the Street. This magazine is brought to you by editors of East Coast Ryders. The magazine features the lifestyle of the average person with expensive spending habits (cars, jewelry, and clothing). King of the Street is what it is, eye candy for custom automobile enthusiast. Custom automobiles have become increasingly popular on newsstands as well as on the street, King of the Street gives plenty of visuals but does not supply content beyond hot cars and half dressed women (not that there's anything wrong with that).


June 15, 2007


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