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Neat freaks everywhere rejoice because I have two publications right up your alley. In this edition of What's Hot What's New I present to you two magazines dedicated to storage. If the rooms in your house seem to be getting smaller it is probably because of the junk you are accumulating. New Ideas for Storage and Storage for Kids Stuff are two new magazines that attempt to help you organize your lives. First up is New Ideas for Storage.

New Ideas for Storage
Cover Price: $6.95

If you are like me, I'm sure you are tired of hearing your wife (or husband), complain about the clutter in your house. Well I have some good news for you. New Ideas for Storage is a special publication from the editors of Country Collectibles. Boasting ways to help you create more space and organize your life, New Ideas for Storage is a helpful guide for people being overrun by clutter. Articles on the latest closet storage gadgets, hidden spaces and feng shui, add to this magazine's niche. Now if you are one of the lucky few who don't have a problem with organization, then this magazine probably isn't for you.   But if you are not a neat freak then this magazine can help you get your wife (or husband) off your back.

Storage for Kids' Stuff
Cover Price: $6.99

First the adults, now for the kids comes Storage for Kids Stuff, a special publication from the editors of Better Homes and Gardens. Storage for Kids Stuff has the goal of helping you corral the junk and mess created by your kids. Sure, we all love our children, but we certainly don't love the mess they create. This magazine has creative ideas on how to stash toys, books, clothes and of course, all of the electronic gadgets kids accumulate. This publication offers practical information, product reviews, and tips that kids will find fun.

For history buffs everywhere, Time magazine has released two book-a-zines covering America's history. Both editions cover a specific time period and bring to life America's history in vivid, dramatic detail. First up is America An Illustrated History 1776 - 1900.

Time: America an Illustrated History 1776-1900
Cover Price: $10.99

This edition of America by Time Magazine covers the years 1776-1900 and focuses on race, slavery and immigration. This publication has startling photos and illustrations that recount the early turmoil of this country. Those images are the strength of this magazine and offer a rare glimpse of the birth of America. While there are plenty of images there is little description and those looking for a more extensive knowledge of the events recounted will have to look elsewhere. This magazine is strictly a visual account, but it is very well done, as one would expect from Time magazine.     

Time: America an Illustrated History 1900-2007
Cover Price: $10.99

This edition of Time: America An Illustrated History covers the years 1900-2007 and focuses on the last century of American history and is a modern illustrated account of America. Everything from War to the moon landing to pop culture is covered with classic images that bring the past to life. As with its companion edition, America 1776-1900, it is strictly visual and does not offer detailed accounts. With that being said Time has done a good job of explaining America's history both the good and the bad.


July 27, 2007


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