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Life Images

Life Images is a quarterly publication that proves that a picture is worth more than a thousand words. Life Images is a collection of breathtaking images and inspirational words from talented photographers. The result is a stunningly beautiful photo journal that will appeal to scrapbookers and everyday photographers. But the niche for Life Images is that it solicits images and words from its readers to fill its pages. This type of interactivity is becoming more common because not only does it attract potential consumers, it also provides the magazine with an endless supply of content to fill its pages.


Medical Tourism

When you think of medicine or surgery you normally don’t think of overseas travel. Well, Medical Tourism is attempting to change that mode of thinking. It’s no secret that the healthcare system in America is broken. Many Americans (50 million) cannot afford adequate healthcare and are looking for cheaper but safe alternatives. Medical Tourism has the goal of being a guide to safe, less expensive medical services in foreign countries. This publication also debunks the myth that surgery overseas is less safe than in the U.S. Medical Tourism has a niche and provides incredibly informative, substantive content that may strike a chord with consumers. The biggest hurdle for this publication is getting potential consumers to get past the negative stereotype of overseas medical practice, if they are successful at that then Medical Tourism could find itself living a long, healthy life on newsstands.

Stretching Canvas

Stretching Canvas is a quarterly publication from the editors of International Tattoo Art magazine that features the non-tattoo work by tattoo artists. Tattoos have become increasingly popular, and are now regarded as art. Stretching Canvas takes it a step further by showing tattoo artist as complete artist with work in art galleries. While that is a niche, Stretching Canvas is gambling that consumers will want to see the artwork of tattoo artist. The marketplace is filled with unique concepts, but having a unique idea does not lead to success. It remains to be seen if this magazine can be successful on newsstands that are already filled with traditional, well-established art publications.


Jan. 29, 2008


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