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Cover Price: $3.99

La`Teen is published 4-6 times a year and has the goal of empowering Latino youth. This magazine is very well done and delivers on its promise of providing uplifting content that could potentially appeal to a young Latino culture. La`Teen delivers its content in both Spanish and English, conscious of the fact that many young Latinos are bi-lingual. It has a good look and feel and has the potential with its content to establish itself in an ever growing Latino base. That is amazing when you consider that the publisher conceived the idea for this magazine while teaching 8 th grade literacy in the Denver public school system just a few years ago. La`Teen, with its well-developed niche, has given itself an excellent chance to survive on today's crowded newsstands.

Tactical Weapons
Cover Price: $7.95

Guns, guns and, oh yes, more guns, from Harris Publications comes Tactical Weapons, a bi-monthly magazine for military and law enforcement agents. The editors of Tactical Weapon say that they view the consumer as a tactical weapon. That is an interesting statement especially when you consider recent tragic events. The editors of Tactical Weapons have to be careful of the message their publication sends. Making that kind of statement in your mission plan has potential pitfalls. However, it is only fair to say that the content of this magazine is informative and intended for all gun enthusiast, cop or civilian.

WMA Illustrated
Cover Price: $5.95

WMA Illustrated (Western Martial Arts) is a quarterly magazine covering the hand-to-hand combat techniques and rich fighting arts heritage of the Western Hemisphere. This publication packs a lot of quality content into its pages. In-depth fighting techniques and information are abundant, but the problem this magazine has is in its design and illustrations, the cover is an excellent example of this problem. In order for this magazine to properly deliver its content to potential consumers it needs to have top-notch graphics to demonstrate the martial arts holds and techniques that cover most of its pages. This publication has a bland, dull look and feel that does little to draw potential consumers in. In order for WMA Illustrated to have a future it needs to pay more attention to the illustrations and photographs on its pages.     


Aug. 3, 2007


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