Launch of the Year



Relish means 1) to enjoy or take great pleasure in an experience, 2) to enjoy the taste of a particular food, and 3) to give a pleasing taste to food, for example by adding spice or relish. What appropriate definitions to describe the new cooking magazine, Relish . With Relish you have to dig in, prepare, bake and eat and enjoy.

Relish brings readers authentic, accurate features on cooking, dining and entertaining. The magazine is Franklin, Tenn.-based American Profile's first brand extension.

The magazine showcases cooks and favorite recipes with regional relevance, using the locale's homegrown ingredients, such as New Mexico's chili peppers or Wisconsin's cheese. Besides great recipes, the content includes advice on cooking supplies, nutrition tips, and time-saving skills.

Mostly freelancers write the informative and authentic articles. Relish can be found as a monthly insert in many community newspapers across the country. Upon opening your local newspaper and finding Relish at the first of every month, you see how it just belongs there. Relish thus adds to the "homey" feeling of its content, which makes people trust and believe in it even more.

Circulation-wise, this is by far the largest launch of the year. Their 2006 ratebase and launch target was 6millions. "We actually significantly over-delivered and launched at 6.8 million. We are currently just over 9 million," Stephen Duggan, Chief Operating Officer of the Publishing Group of America said.

Dick Porter, CEO of PGA called Relish a break- through proposition. Porter said Relish avoids the traditional methods of circulation and distribution costs, offering advertisers a new level of flexibility, targeting and accountability.  

No matter what the occasion calls for, Relish is a reliable and accurate source to find whatever you're looking for in the kitchen and to savor every moment.