2nd Runner Up



From the editors of Family Fun , this is a true example of when a magazine is more than just ink on paper. Wondertime is a true reflection of how the printed word can still play an interactive role between it and its intended customers. Down-to-earth, with solid, practical information that you can immediately apply, Wondertime mixes the how and why, inspiring parents to nurture their children's love of learning. The magazine is designed to show the world through the eyes of children, capturing the essence of the fleeting time of childhood. The magazine desires for parents to revel in the delights of raising a child and to see the world the way children see it, as a place that continually unfolds magic and wonder. The stories and articles are enlightening; the magazine inspires rather than instructs and celebrates rather than preaches. But you still learn more about your child and how to deepen your relationship in each well-done issue.